Booking statuses

In an attempt to simplify booking management for our clients, every booking is allocated two statuses. The first is for the booking itself, this status effects the availability of your property. When a booking has any status other than "cancelled" or "Not Complete", your booking calendar will show the period as unavailable for new bookings. The second status is for payment and defines whether or not the guest has completed payment for their bookings. Please see the table below for more details.

Booking Statuses

Statuses Description
Processing This status means someone is actively on your website completing a booking. This user will be given 15 minutes from the time the booking was created to complete the booking. If the user fails to complete the booking the booking status will change to "Not Completed" and it will be removed from your booking list in the Vabooki Control Panel.
Not Complete This status is automatically applied to a booking when the user fails to complete the booking within the allocated 15-minute window. Once this status has been applied, the booking will be removed from your booking list in the Vabooki Control Panel and the period will become available again.
Unconfirmed This status will only be possible if you have set booking to be manually confirmed (click here to see how to set bookings to be manually confirmed). Upon receiving a booking, Vabooki will allocate it the status of "unconfirmed" until you confirm or cancel the booking. During this time other bookings can not be made for the same period to prevent double booking.
Confirmed If you have set booking to be automatically confirmed for the property/unit then this status will automatically be applied once a booking is complete (however, this booking may not be paid). If you have opted to manually confirm bookings then this status will only be applied once you confirm a booking.
Cancelled This status will only ever be applied because you as the property manager/owner has manually cancelled the booking. Once set your property will become available for the period booked.

Payment Statuses

Statuses Description
Unpaid This status is applied when no payments (manual or via Vabooki) have been received for the booking.
Partially Paid This status is applied once some payments have been received, however, there is still an outstanding balance.
Fully Paid This status is applied once the booking has been fully paid.
Overpaid This status is only possible if a booking is modified after payments are received, resulting in an overpayment by the guest. In this situation you should arrange a refund to the guest and add this refund to Vabooki and the payment status should return to "Fully Paid".

If a booking has the status of "Fully Paid", but then changes are made to the booking via the Vabooki Control Panel, the payment status will update to reflect these changes. For example, if you add additional charges, the status will become "Partially Paid".